Image credits: Cincin

The Cincin wine book titled “More vino, per favore” was the menu we designed in the form of a book to create a more tangible experience while consuming wine.

To build a new concept of drinking wine as a more approachable and enjoyable experience that can be a part of your every meal.

Cincin is an Italian restaurant and bar in Bandra, Mumbai that strives to give Indians a taste of an authentic Italian experience. The brand is built on the what Italy is today - excitement, passion, authenticity and vibrancy. 

Along with being famous for their hand-rolled pastas, Cincin also had an unending wine list that was unfortunately only approached by the oenophiles. As they were in the process of launching their first ever house wine, they came to us with a unique challenge - ‘How do we get people to drink more wine?”


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Anshaya Gogia,
Karno Guhathakurta,
Khaim Talib.

Creative Designer


‘If you were a bottle of wine, which one would you be?’

We personified Cincin’s top 10 wines, according them human attributes based on their flavour, colour and the context in which they would be consumed.

To ensure that the menu offered some utility we added a bookmark with the wine list to make it easier to spot the names and price. On each page we also offered a recommendation by the restaurant. Since India is not primarily a wine drinking country, another area that people find most intimidating is the names of international wines. We solved that too with a pronunciation note under the name.

To commemorate their first anniversary, Cincin launched their first ever house wine called Cincin Rosso. Since the experience of drinking Rosso was so joyful, we depicted that emotion through vibrant colours and expressive typography, thus creating the whimsical and fun word mark.

Image credits: Cincin