To revive and reinvent the delight of consuming Indian mithai and the joy of gifting in India, by tapping into nostalgia and old fashioned sweetness.

Bombay Sweet Shop is Mumbai’s very own sweet factory located in Byculla. It is a new celebratory venture by Hunger Inc., the company behind restaurants - The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro. Continuing their concept of ‘re-creation’ through all three brands, the company was eager to reinventIndian mithai (sweets) like never seen before. This brand strives to bring back the old fashioned sweetness of Indian mithai and celebrate the vast diversity of it.

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Aakriti Goswami,
Vidhi Doshi,
Purva Mehra.

Creative Designer


After doing months of research, understanding the story behind each mithai, historically and emotionally, we narrowed down to the seed thought of this brand - Old fashioned sweetness. This is a nod to old Bombay and inspired by the city’s celebrated Art Deco architecture. The feelings of nostalgia evoked by the memories of childhood are brimming with sweetness, celebration, togetherness and warmth, all things this brand stands for.


Logo Design by Vidhi Doshi and Shweta Mulekar

For the identity design, we took visual cues from the mithai shapes and created a hexagon of our own to hold the bold typography in a strong structure. The geometric forms and angles are inspired from the intricate shapes on the Art Deco buildings lined at Marine Drive and hence made it most suitable for a brand born in Bombay.

The deep prussian and cobalt blue are an ode to Bombay and its surplus of blue through all seasons. Additionally the subtle gold accents combined with the royal magenta exude Indian luxury.

As a brand, BSS salutes the past while staying contemporary in its approach. To balance this combination of nostalgia and modernity we chose two unique and well crafted typefaces that are decorative and functional.

Taking inspiration from the city’s beautiful architecture, a small mill compound in the heart of South Bombay was transformed into a beautiful sweet factory that would transport one to a mithai wonderland.

The space was transformed into a playing ground for action and movement that went into making mithai. We had an assembly counter, hot and cold station to segregate the offerings, a gifting window to customise and make your own package and even a window to get a peek into the kitchen that hosted large woks stirring creamy goodness ready to be feasted on.

The Rani Bagh Collection

We turned straight to our friendly and chirpy neighbourhood of the Byculla zoo, famously known as Rani Bagh, for the launch of BSS. This collection is a throwback to Bombay picnics and childhood and a fitting showcase of this hidden gem situated near Bombay Sweet Shop. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the biggest treasure of stories, history and biodiversity, right from its famous residents - the elephants to the massive bulbous baobab tree present right in the centre of the park.

Our primary motive was not only to design beautiful looking boxes and tins but also weave a Bombay story through each fold and turn. We packed our boxes with little nuggets of memories, for example the chikki box contains hidden prompts and stories relating to India’s railway history, which popularised the consumption of chikki, the unravel box acted as a dramatic opening to the intricate patterns and visuals inspired by the Rani Bagh within and so on.

Diwali Collection 2020

The festival of lights, the season of gifting and the month of togetherness, Diwali is a week of the biggest celebration this country witnesses. This was the perfect time for Bombay Sweet Shop to join the festivities. We took cues from the decor, traditions and rituals during this week and built a language that was fun, floral, glittering and celebratory.

The iconic marigold flowers combined with sparkling lights and diamond shaped flowers speckled over the box sleeves set the tone for this collection. This festival sees a burst of colour in it’s decor, clothing, rangoli patterns and lanterns and that’s where we found our colour palette for this collection.

Image credits: Bombay Sweet Shop