To explore the role of human skin in our society and the effect it has on the human psyche, through the lenses of social impact, identity and personal desires.

Living Visual is my pre thesis project undertaken during the last year in Undergraduate studies. During this period of 6 months we dove deep into research, learnt new tools of expression, analysed our information, and immersed ourselves into intensive readings to eventually come out with a well designed product. The word itself lends into the content of this course which lies at the intersection of the living world and the visual world. 
VCSB ‘17



Skin is not only the largest organ of the human body, but also the outermost protective layer. An individual’s outward appearance is the first association we make with their personality, thus making human skin colour a defining factor in shaping one’s identity, personal desires, and self confidence.

The diversity in colour and texture put human skin at the overlap of two main areas, biology and personal experience.

Our mindsets towards skin colour unknowingly shape our personality and approach towards one another. As a communication designer, I was motivated to create awareness about this topic, generate feelings of reflection, acceptance, empathy, self-care and a sense of community amongst people.